We promise to deliver products dedicated to giving you the best skin possible. We use high quality ingredients that are 100% vegetarian. They are simple and free of unnecessary chemicals or dyes. Our scents are meant to be gentle, gratifying and unique. 


Good Skin Company is owned by Sue (my Mom) and Lisa (me). We have both had sensitivities to chemicals and perfumes all our lives. As a baby I was even allergic to my diapers!


Sue was determined to find products that were both mild and enjoyable for our family. Most everything caused us to break out in rashes. Finally, she started to make her own products. She discovered that simple recipes with high quality vegetarian ingredients free of unnecessary chemicals were perfect. Friends, family and the community clamored to buy everything she made.


After selling to friends, family and the local community for years we decided to launch a business. We asked everybody  for a name and  “good skin” was the resounding description. With that Good Skin Company was born. Today we continue to embrace the values of quality, simplicity and enjoyability. 


We may use vegetarian ingredients, but animals are still a big part of our story. Henri, our Chief Dog Officer, runs the show. He supervises all operations by napping in his bed, makes sure we take breaks for treats and play and encourages us with wags and snuggles. 

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